For many authors, moving from the phase of writing a book to promoting it and engaging publicly with its ideas can be exhilarating and overwhelming. All too often, book publishers do not have the resources and expertise to meaningfully collaborate with an author on how best to market and promote the book and its expertise. This is where Red Pencil Publicity + Marketing comes in. Led by Helena Brantley, Red Pencil + Marketing works collaboratively with authors and publishers on the design and implementation of a promotional campaign. These campaigns incorporate strategy, goals, and tactics including and not limited to public relations, event planning, advertising, and social media marketing and engagement.

Who am I?

Helena Brantley is a communications professional in the publishing industry who specializes in promoting non-fiction books by scholars, subject experts, and publishers. After managing publicity campaigns for HarperCollins and Nolo Press, Helena began promoting books independently in 2010.

Red Pencil Publicity + Marketing is a Company of One where Helena collaborates with a hand-selected team of independent subcontractors, including graphic designers, editors, writers, and researchers, to create effective promotional campaigns. Helena is a proud native of New Jersey, having lived in Fort Lee, Princeton, and Paterson. She began her career at public relations and marketing agencies in New York City and Washington, DC. Helena currently resides in Alameda, CA with her husband and two daughters.

Helena Brantley